Group excursions as a team

Group excursions as a team

Come to the Emmental as a group or with your company and start your group excursion in Burgdorf.

Group outings with your team

Start your e-bike tour in Burgdorf with your friends, your company team or your club colleagues. The Emmental offers a variety of great destinations. Perhaps you want to explore a cave, taste beer in the brewery or enjoy a barbecue with the farmer's wife.
You choose whether you want to take your tour with a route suggestion from us using your cell phone as a navigation device or whether you want a local guide to accompany you.

One way or another - with the silent flyer you have free travel on many nature trails and asphalted cycle paths that run through the beautiful and idyllic Emmental countryside. Visit a beekeeper, enjoy a delicious burger or dessert along the way or visit Illusoria Land.

We will also be happy to give you restaurant tips or tell you where the most beautiful picnic spots on the banks of the Emme or barbecue areas on the edge of the forest are located.

E-bike group excursions Emmental

E-bike tour with farm games and barbecue

You ride towards the farm on an e-bike, where fun farm games and a barbecue await you.

Barbecue fun hit - with filled bike trailer

At our e-bike rental in Burgdorf, you can rent an e-bike with a practical bike trailer that is already equipped with all the delicacies and utensils you need for a perfect barbecue.

Rösti and bratwurst e-bike tour

It doesn't get any more Emmental than this: ride your e-bike over the picturesque hills of the Emmental to a farm, where the farmer's wife serves you rösti with bratwurst.

Vineyard tour with aperitif

Wine in the Emmental? Yes, there is! Visit the region's only vineyard in Burgdorf and learn more about the art of winemaking.

E-bike tour to Kambly

The e-bike tour is rounded off with a visit to the Kambly Experience in Trubschachen, where you will be guided through the history of Kambly with pictures and sound.

Birthday e-bike tour

Start off with your guests on an e-bike tour through the Emmental. The birthday child receives the e-bike rental as well as a piece of cake and a drink.

Visit from organ builder Ueli Egli

Visit the Örgelibauer Ueli in Schmidigen by e-bike.

Scavenger hunt on the e-bike

Would you like to explore the pretty Zähringen town of Burgdorf on two wheels and experience puzzle fun at the same time? This e-bike scavenger hunt, on which you answer questions with your smartphone, is perfect for this.

Stag party - e-bike and food

Hen party and dinner at the restaurant - ride your e-bike to the restaurant for a relaxed celebration.

Alternatively, you can hire a bike trailer equipped with barbecue food and drinks and then barbecue and celebrate at one of the barbecue spots along the way.

E-bike tour with wine tasting

You ride over the hills to Oberburg for a wine tasting on an e-bike. The tasting can be supplemented with an aperitif or raclette on site.

E-bike tour to the Sensorium

Take a group e-bike tour to the Sensorium and explore 70 sensory experiences.

E-bike tour to Landshut Castle

Ride your e-bike along the Emme. The tour is very flat but offers plenty to discover along the way. Pass water rapids on the way to Kirchberg and Utzenstorf. Landshut Castle in Utzenstorf is a fascinating destination for an e-bike excursion, offering both historical and scenic attractions.

Chocolate tour with the e-bike

Ride your e-bike along the Emme to the famous Casa Nobile chocolate factory in Bätterkinden.

Ice Cream E-Biketour

What could be better than rewarding yourself with an ice-cold gelato on an e-bike tour on a beautiful summer's day? That's exactly what this tour along the Emme to the Casa Nobile gelato factory offers.

Meringues tour in the Emmental

Meringues are an Emmental classic - discover how the sweet temptation is made on an e-bike tour to the well-known meringue producer Freudiger in Biglen.

On an animal safari with the e-bike

Grazing cows are an integral part of the typical Emmental postcard idyll. But on this animal safari you will encounter many other four-legged friends: sheep, deer and even alpacas!

With the e-bike to pizza and beer

Enjoy pizza and beer. Cruise comfortably by e-bike from Burgdorf over the Höger to the Brauschüür in the Emmental in around 1 hour.

Cave tour with flashlight and e-bike

Set off from Burgdorf by e-bike and explore the Emmental and Burgdorf's famous sandstone cave. It is accessible with or without a cave guide.

Cheese dairy tour in the Emmental

Ride your e-bike to the traditional cheese dairy that produces the original Emmentaler AOP and then enjoy an aperitif with local specialties.

E-bike trip to the beekeeper

During the e-bike tour, you will be given a guided tour by a beekeeper. The beekeeper will give you an insight into the world of honey bees and how we humans interact with this useful insect.

E-bike trip to the scrapyard

On the scrapyard tour, you ride along natural paths via Kaltacker to Lueg. From there, you head straight to the scrapyard event of your choice.

Wellness e-bike tour

Ride your e-bike over the Emmental "Höger" for a pampering program at the brine baths in Lützelflüh.

Two-day e-bike tour with overnight stay

After the e-bike tour, spend the night in the dream tree house in Emmental or in a beautiful rustic hotel room.

E-bike tour with overnight stay in a panorama barrel

Enjoy the romantic idyll by e-bike under an old lime tree at the top of an Emmental hill. Ride your e-bike from Burgdorf to Ober Mörisegg.

With the e-bike into Illusoria Land

Ride your e-bike along side roads to Illusoria-Land, which is well worth seeing.

Schnitzel tour

Ride your e-bike to the best schnitzels in the Emmental in Rüegsbach.

Show dairy in Affoltern

Ride your e-bike along the Planet Trail via the Lueg to the show dairy in Affoltern im Emmental.

E-bike tour to the brewery

The e-bike tour to the brewery is ideal for aperitifs and tasting events and can be reached by e-bike in around 40 minutes.

Rudswilbad tour with the e-bike

The  e-bike tour leads towards Wynigen through small villages and over hills to Ersigen and the Landgasthof Rudswilbad.

Burger or dessert tour with the e-bike

If you explore the area around Burgdorf by e-bike, don't miss the famous burgers from Café Fischer in Ersigen.

E-bike cretentour

Experience the best of the best and enjoy breathtaking views of the Alps, the Central Plateau and the Jura from the ridges of the Emmental.

Scrapyard tour

On this e-bike excursion, you start off in comfort. At the end, you will have to prove your teamwork.

Dinner with the farmer's wife Susanne

Ride your e-bike from Burgdorf in the direction of Wynigengerge to Susanne the farmer's wife. There you will be treated to culinary delights before returning to Burgdorf by bike.

Cheese tasting in the cheese cellar

After the e-bike excursion through the beautiful Emmental valley, visit the cheese cellar in Burgdorf.

E-bike tour to the glassblower

The e-bike tour takes you past traditional farms and allows you to slow down. The beautiful ride ends at the glassblower's.

E-bike excursion with chocolate workshop

Combine e-biking with sweets and gain an insight into the delicious world of confectionery.

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E-Bike-Schnitzeljagd durch Burgdorf

E-bike scavenger hunt through Burgdorf

Mit dem E-Bike zur Kambly-Degustation

Kambly e-bike tour with sweets tasting

Geführte E-Bike-Tour im Val-de-Travers

Guided e-bike tour in Val-de-Travers

Geführte E-Bike-Tour am schönen Untersee

Guided e-bike tour at the beautiful Untersee Lake

Geführte E-Bike-Tour auf Singletrails im Emmental

Guided single trail e-bike tour Emmental


Birthday e-bike tour

Besichtigung von FLYER und Kambly mit dem Bus

Flyer sightseeing and Kamblytour

Flyertour mit Grillplausch oder Kuchenzmittag

Flyer tour with barbecue or cake lunch

E-Mountainbike-Tour durchs Appenzellerland

E-mountain bike – group excursion

E-Bike-Tour im Emmental

E-bike tour in Emmental

E-Biketour mit Plauschspielen und Grillplausch

E-bike tour with fun games and barbecue

E-Biketour mit Rösti und Bratwurst

E-bike tour with rösti and bratwurst

Tier-Safari mit dem E-Bike

Animal safari with the e-bike

Gourmet Tour mit Elektro Cargo Bikes

Cargobike tour with electric drive

Achtsamkeitstrail – Naturerlebnis im Seetal

Mindfulness trail – training and experience in nature

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