Dinner with the farmer's wife Susanne

Ride your e-bike from Burgdorf in the direction of Wynigengerge to Susanne the farmer's wife. There you will be treated to culinary delights before returning to Burgdorf by bike.
This e-bike tour is one of the most beautiful that the Emmental has to offer. Gentle hills, great views and lots of great places to linger.
Welcome to Susanne! She is known for home-style Swiss cuisine with ingredients from her own farm or from the region. The cheerful young farmer lives on a farm with various animals in the hamlet of Ferrenberg. This is located not far from Burgdorf in the Wynigenberge mountains, at the foot of the Oberbühlchnubel vantage point. You can enjoy a delicious meal in the dining room or in the cozy garden.
Enjoy a soup or salad as a starter and then indulge in one of the following main courses:
  • Sliced beef/ragout with paprika sauce
  • Nüdeli or mashed potatoes with vegetables
  • Burehamme with potato salad, green salad, Züpfe
  • Beef dumplings with croissants
  • Beef sausage with onion sauce, rösti and salad
  • Cordon bleu with French fries and vegetables
After the meal, it's back to pedaling. But with electric assistance, that's no problem and you'll soon be back in Burgdorf.

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