The most beautiful places in the Emmental

The most beautiful places in the Emmental

and what else it has to offer

The Emmental

The Emmental is known for its picturesque landscapes, charming villages and delicious cheese. And what better way to explore all of this than on an e-bike?

The Emmental offers a variety of cycle paths that lead through lush green meadows, past rushing streams and through breathtaking valleys. The rolling hills are perfect for a relaxing ride on ane-bike, while the breathtaking views will take your breath away.

Whether you're an experienced cyclist or a beginner, the e-bike makes it easy to enjoy the scenery without pushing yourself too hard. With anelectric drive, you can experience the beauty of the Emmental without tiring or exerting yourself.

As you cycle through the picturesque villages of the Emmental, you can admire traditional Swiss architecture and enjoy authentic Swiss cuisine. The region is famous for its cheese, and there are many cheese dairies to visit and sample.

The Emmental is a place where you can enjoy Swiss nature and culture to the full. Explore it in an environmentally friendly and relaxed way with an e-bike. Bookyour tourtoday and experience the magic of the Emmental!

The Emmental in pictures


Burgdorf is a charming medieval town with around 17,000 inhabitants, rich in history and culture and perfect for an unforgettable bike vacation or weekend getaway.

Discover the well-preserved old town of Burgdorf, which is characterized by magnificent patrician houses and small alleyways. The town is proud of its history and offers numerous sights, including Burgdorf Castle, which was originally built in the 12th century and now houses a museum and youth hostel.

For nature lovers, Burgdorf offers a wealth of opportunities to discover the beauty of the Emmental. Take a hike or bike ride through the surrounding forests and fields, or explore the rolling hills and valleys on an e-bike.

The town is also a foodie's paradise, with a variety of restaurants and cafés offering a wide range of regional and international delicacies. Be sure to try the famous Emmental cheese and be enchanted by the culinary diversity.Burgdorf also offers a lively art scene, with numerous museums and the Casino Theater. Visit the Gertsch Museum to admire contemporary works of art.
There is something for everyone in Burgdorf. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this charming town in the heart of the Emmental. Book your trip today and be enchanted by Burgdorf!


Emmental sights

There are numerous sights to discover in the Emmental  that will delight every visitor. From breathtaking mountain landscapes to charming villages and historic buildings - the Emmental has something to offer everyone.
Emmentaler Schaukäserei

Emmentaler Schaukäserei

Erleben Sie live, wie der weltbekannte Emmentaler Käse entsteht. Besuchen Sie die Emmentaler Schaukäserei - Ein Muss für Käseliebhaber.

Bergrestaurant Ahorn Alp

Bergrestaurant Ahorn Alp

Entdecken Sie das Bergrestaurant Ahorn Alp inmitten der idyllischen Emmentaler Landschaft. Geniessen Sie hausgemachte Spezialitäten und den atemberaubenden Ausblick auf die Alpen. Ein Erlebnis für alle Sinne.

Museum Franz Gertsch

Museum Franz Gertsch

Tauchen Sie ein in die Welt des berühmten Schweizer Malers Franz Gertsch. Entdecken Sie im Museum seine einzigartigen Werke und erfahren Sie mehr über seine künstlerische Schaffenszeit. Ein Muss für Kunstliebhaber.

Regionalmuseum Chüechlihus

Regionalmuseum Chüechlihus

Entdecken Sie die Geschichte und Traditionen des Emmentals im Regionalmuseum Chüechlihus. Tauchen Sie ein in vergangene Zeiten und erleben Sie hautnah das Leben und Arbeiten der Einwohner. Ein Besuch für alle, die sich für regionale Kultur interessieren.

Aussichtsturm Chuderhüsi

Aussichtsturm Chuderhüsi

Erleben Sie die atemberaubende Aussicht auf die Emmentaler Landschaft vom Aussichtsturm Chuderhüsi aus. Ein Muss für alle, die die Schönheit der Natur geniessen möchten. Erklimmen Sie den Turm und lassen Sie sich von der Weite begeistern.

Schloss Trachselwald

Schloss Trachselwald

Betreten Sie die historischen Mauern von Schloss Trachselwald und tauchen Sie ein in die faszinierende Geschichte des Emmentals. Erleben Sie eine Zeitreise ins Mittelalter und entdecken Sie die Geheimnisse des Schlosses. Ein Abenteuer für Gross und Klein.

Schloss Burgdorf

Schloss Burgdorf

Erleben Sie das majestätische Schloss Burgdorf und lassen Sie sich von seiner Geschichte und Architektur verzaubern. Entdecken Sie die Ausstellungen und Kunstwerke im Inneren und geniessen Sie den Blick über die Stadt und die umliegenden Hügel. Ein Muss für Kulturinteressierte.



Erleben Sie das Sensorium im Emmental und entdecken Sie die Welt der Sinne auf interaktive Weise. Tauchen Sie ein in eine Welt voller Gerüche, Klänge und Berührungen und erleben Sie eine einzigartige Reise durch Ihre Sinne. Ein Erlebnis für Gross und Klein.



Besuchen Sie die malerische Moosegg und erleben Sie eine unvergessliche Zeit in der Emmentaler Natur. Geniessen Sie hausgemachte Spezialitäten auf der Terrasse des Hotels mit Sicht auf Langnau und lassen Sie sich von der Ruhe und Schönheit der Umgebung begeistern. Ein Ausflugsziel für Naturliebhaber unweit der Blasenfluh.

Group events in the Emmental 

The Emmental is perfect for a team event. Here you will find the perfect combination of breathtaking nature, picturesque villages and a calm, relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing and growing together as a team. In collaboration with

Teamkochen im Emmentaler Spycher

kitchenparty in a hut cooking

Cook where fox and hare say goodnight. A very cozy experience and a delight for the palate and senses.

Weindegustation im Emmental

Wine tasting in the Emmental

This tasting in the Burgdorf area will take you and your group to wine-growing regions near and far.

Urtönig – alte und neue Schweizer Volksmusik

Urtönig - Swiss folk music, versatile, colorful and beautiful

Original sounds from all over Switzerland with rare local instruments: Hanottern, Langnauerli, Häxeschyt, Trümpi and Muharpfen. Played, sung and danced.

Urbangolf in Burgdorf

Urbangolf - Golfing through Burgdorf

Play golf across the city and discover Burgdorf from a different side - with glowing golf balls even in the dark season.

Trottiplausch Burgdorf mit Apéro oder Essen

After-work scootertour with aperitif or dinner

Discover the most beautiful places in the Emmental on a scooter and then enjoy an aperitif or dinner.

Trotti- und Grillplausch im Emmental

Scooter fun in the Emmental

Explore the beautiful Emmental countryside on a scooter on side roads. The crowning glory is a cozy barbecue.

2-Höger-Trottitour im Emmental

A day trip by scooter

Experience racy scooter descents in the Emmental and a delicious dessert at the farm - views of the Alps and Jura included.

Begleitete Tour durch Bern und das Emmental

Guided tour - Berne and Emmental

Taste swiss cheese and biscuits in Emmental and then be guided through the beautiful capital of Switzerland.

Töfflitour Emmental mit Grillplausch

moped tour Emmental with barbecue

Swing into the saddle after work and take a ride through the beautiful landscape. The subsequent barbecue will round off the excursion.

Outdoor-Kochen im Emmental

Outdoor cooking Emmental

Enjoy the unique landscape around the farm and cook a 3-course menu in the scout cauldron and with the Finnish fire pan Muurikka.

Teamkochen in Burgdorf

Team cooking in Burgdorf

As a team, you will cook a three-course menu, with a choice of appetizers or dessert variations in a glass.

Balance Trail - Teamübungen mit Spass

Teambuilding - Teamchallenge Emmental

Are you looking for fun and action or a challenge? This unique outdoor facility in the Emmental is just the right thing for your team event.

Stadtführung Burgdorf mit dem E-Trotti

City tour Burgdorf with the E-Trotti

No matter how well you already know Burgdorf: On the E-Trotti and with an audio guide, you can experience and rediscover the town, its buildings and its history.

Seminar im Emmental mit Aktivitäten

Seminar im Emmental mit Aktivitäten

Conduct your next seminar in the Emmental, combine it with a colour trail or a team hike and let yourself be spoilt with culinary delights away from the daily routine.


scooter scavenger hunt

For our great scavenger hunt in and around Burgdorf you only need our E-Trotti and your cell phone. And the tricky puzzle fun begins.

Tontaubenschiessen im Emmental

Clay pigeon shooting in the Emmental

Fun, games and excitement are the targets of this event, which is all about precision. You can also try your hand at other shooting disciplines.

Jahresendessen in geschlossener Gesellschaft im Emmental

Year-end celebration in closed company in Emmental

Celebrate your end-of-year event in a location reserved especially for you in the Emmental - with distance and culinary delights.

Rebbergführung in Burgdorf

Vineyard tour and wine tasting in Burgdorf

Wine in the Emmental? There is - visit the region's only vineyard in Burgdorf and find out more about wine production.

Raclette- und Fonduechalet in Burgdorf

Cabin chats Fondue Raclette

The cosy Fonduechalet in Burgdorf offers a great ambience for your business or family celebration, where your guests will feel comfortable.

Racletteplausch auf der Kutsche

Raclette by carriage

Take a leisurely drive through the Emmental and enjoy raclette à discretion on the carriage.

Polterabend – Feiern im Emmental

Polterabend - Celebrate in Emmental

Enjoy a meal of your choice in the "Sääli" of a beautiful country inn and combine the culinary pleasure with a fun activity.

Kutschenfahrt durchs Emmental mit Essen

carriage ride emmental with dinner

Let yourself be pulled through the idyllic hilly landscape to the rhythm of clattering horse hooves and enjoy regional specialities after the walk.

Die original Emmentaler Spiele

Emmental team games

Take part in the original Emmental games and experience a good mix of fun, action and conviviality.

Offline-Trekking mit Geissen im Emmental

Randonnée oie hors ligne dans l'Emmental

Hike with goats through the Emmental. Without a cell phone, but with open senses for nature and its beauty.

Kutschenfahrt zur Kambly-Fabrik

Horse-drawn carriage to the Kambly factory

Ride at a horse's pace through the beautiful Emmental towards the Guetzli factory.

Brunch auf der Kutsche

Brunch on a coach

Let yourself be coached through the beautiful Emmental and enjoy an extensive brunch on the coach during the ride.

Fondue-, Grill- und Kutschenfahrten im Emmental

Fondue, barbecue and carriage rides in the Emmental

Relax with a view of the Emmental hilly landscape. On this leisurely excursion the hectic pace of everyday life is quickly forgotten.

Käsereiführung mit Apéro im Emmental

Cheese dairy tour in Emmental with aperitif

Visit a traditional cheese dairy that produces the original Emmentaler AOP and then enjoy an aperitif with local specialties.

Hotelgolf mit Essen im Emmental

Hotel golf with dinner in the Emmental

Play golf at the hotel: putt the golf ball across the premises and enjoy a regional menu afterwards.

Hornussen und Essen im Emmental

Hornussen and eat in the Emmental

Before you dine at the traditional Emmental inn, try to knock the nouss off the trestle with a flourish at Hornussen.

Höhlentour bei Burgdorf

Burgdorf cave tour

Equipped with a headlamp and helmet, you will explore a sandstone cave near Burgdorf accompanied by a cave guide.

Töfflitour durchs Emmental

motorbike tour through the emmental

Discover the Emmental from its most beautiful side with the Pony-Töffli and feel really young again.


Birthday scooter tour

Take your guests on an e-scooter tour through the Emmental. The birthday child receives the scooter rental as well as a piece of cake and a drink as a gift.

Führung durch den Käsekeller mit Racletteplausch

Guided tour of the cheese cellar with raclette fun

Visit the oldest cheese warehouse in the Emmental and enjoy a raclette or fondue after the tour.

Zander – Führung durch die Fischzucht auf dem Bauernhof

Pike perch – fish tour of the farm

Discover a farm with modern pike-perch breeding and enjoy an aperitif on the farm and a fish feast in the Emmental country inn.

Romantische Fahrt zum Fondueplausch

A romantic trip to fondue fun

Fondue in a cozy circle: First you take a covered wagon ride through the dusk of the Emmental.

Bierfondue im Emmental

Beer fondue in Emmental

Brewing and cheese-making is done in Emmental. In beer fondue the two arts are combined. Enjoy this unique creation in a down-to-earth restaurant.

Besichtigung von FLYER und Kambly mit dem Bus

Flyer sightseeing and Kamblytour

On a bus tour through the Emmental, you will take a look behind the scenes of e-bike pioneer FLYER and biscuit manufacturer Kambly.

Flyertour mit Grillplausch oder Kuchenzmittag

Flyer tour with barbecue or cake lunch

Your electric bike excursion starts in the historic little town of Huttwil and takes you across the Emmental hills to a barbecue or a traditional cake lunch on a farm.

Solarpark – der umweltfreundliche Teamausflug

Solarpark – der umweltfreundliche Teamausflug

Visit the solar park and then enjoy a carriage ride and an Emmental meal.

Family-Day im Emmental

Family day in the Emmental

Typical Emmental activities, delicious Swiss food and a great playground will delight young and old alike at your next company family day.

Erlebnistag Emmental mit Teamspielen

Emmental experience and games

Covered wagon ride, specialties from the region and exciting team games - that's the Emmental Experience Day.

Lustige Spiele mit Essen im Emmental

Funny games with food in Emmental

The Emmental is full of life, both during the fun games and the subsequent meal in the country inn.

Emmentaler Schulstunde wie anno 1880

Emmental school event in the past

Surprise your team with an event that will rejuvenate you by decades and experience a school lesson in a legendary Emmental classroom.

Emmentaler Winterspiele mit Fondueplausch

Winter games with fondue fun

Compete in crossbow shooting, oat bag swinging and table curling. This is followed by a covered wagon ride in the Emmental and a fondue.

Emmentaler Krimidinner

Emmental Crimea Dinner

A murder has taken place in the Emmental. Between aperitif and dessert, you have to find the culprit. A juicy detail: Your guests are the main suspects.

Elektrotrottiplausch durchs Emmental

Electric scooter trip Emmental

Hire an electric scooter and discover the sights of the Emmental from Burgdorf.

Curlingplausch in Burgdorf

Curling fun

Let us lead you onto the ice and discover the joy of curling as a team.

Bustour zum Gotthelf-Zentrum und Besuch bei Kambly

Bus tour Gotthelfmuseum Lunch and Kambly

Take a round trip through the Emmental. Between the Gotthelf Center and the Kambly World, you will enjoy a fine lunch in a country inn.

Brauereiführung und Degustation

Brewery tour and tasting

Visit a country brewery in a farmhouse over 100 years old in the midst of the beautiful hilly landscape of the Emmental.

Brauereibesichtigung mit Degustation und Apéro

Visit to the brewery Tasting and aperitif

Visit an Emmental brewery, immerse yourself in the world of beer production, taste various beers and enjoy a fine aperitif.

Brätzeliplausch wie zu Grosis Zeiten

confection workshop like in grandmother's time

In one of the most beautiful Emmental inns you can bake bratzli just like in grandmother's time.

Böse Stadtführung in Burgdorf

Scary city tour Burgdorf

Witty and with lots of puns - the "Evil City Tour" in Burgdorf takes you to original locations of historical crimes.

Mit Ross und Wagen zum Emmentaler Grillplausch

An Emmental grill by horse and cart

You drive past farms with "Stöckli" and "Spycher" for a cozy barbecue with fresh ingredients from the region.

Auf Gotthelfs Spuren

On Gotthelf's Trail

Travel through the Emmental on horse and cart as in Gotthelf's time and get to know the life of the famous writer.

Besuch beim Imker mit Kutschenfahrt und Essen

Visit the beekeeper in the emmental

Visit a beekeeper in the Emmental, learn about the world of bees and take a carriage ride to the farm for a meal afterwards.

Sinnesparcours im Emmental

Sensual Emmental

Awaken, refine and indulge your senses with leisurely activities and a delicious three-course lunch or dinner.

Alpaka-Trekking im Emmental

Alpaca trekking in the Emmental valley

Walk with the cute alpacas through the forest and over field paths and afterwards enjoy an aperitif at the Emmental farm with a beautiful view.

Glaskugeln blasen im Emmental

Glass blowing in the Emmental

Blow a glass ball yourself. Afterwards you can let yourself be spoilt with Emmental specialities in Switzerland's oldest lion.



Five Emmental musicians who love to experiment enrich your event with traditional to modern alphorn sounds.

Westernstadt im Emmental

A frontier town in the Emmental

Who will succeed the Sheriff? At the exciting Saloon-Games the new boss of the western town is chosen.

Essen wie zu Gotthelfs Zeiten

Dine as though in Gotthelf's day

Eating like in God's helpin' days: In Switzerland's oldest lion, you will be served an Emmental menu in traditional costume.