Your questions - Our answers

Your questions - Our answers

Here are a few answers to help answer your initial questions on your e-bike tour.

Questions and answers 


What if it rains while e-biking?

If the weather forecast is very bad, you have the option of canceling the e-bike fun up to two days in advance. If you go ahead with the tour despite light rain, we will provide your group with free rain ponchos.

Do I have to ride a suggested route on my e-bike?

You decide whether you want to ride the e-bike to a destination of your choice, visit an event location suggested on our website or pedal on one of the Hügu Himu tours. With a fully charged battery, you can ride around 60 to 80 kilometers in hilly terrain.

What happens if we are on the e-bike for longer than expected?

Riding an e-bike is fun, if the tour takes longer, write us a WhatsApp. We are very uncomplicated. The focus is on having fun.

Drop-off location different from pick-up location

If you want to ride from A to B, i.e. you do not want to return the e-bike to the starting point, this is generally possible by arrangement. However, transporting the e-bikes incurs additional costs, which we charge to the customer.

Why take an e-bike to the Emmental?

Burgdorf and the Emmental have a lot to offer: great viewpoints, views of the Jura and the Alps, a superbly developed network of cycle paths away from busy main roads, villages and hamlets that convey a sense of the real world, beautiful farms, friendly, helpful people, inns with a down-to-earth culinary offering, but also restaurants with gourmet cuisine. Ask us for suitable tips on the most beautiful barbecue spots, the best restaurants and accommodation options for two-day tours.

Do I need a tour guide?

Of course not. Your group has several e-bikes that have a cell phone holder on the handlebars. You can load one of our tours or a tour that you have put together yourself using GoogleMaps onto your cell phone and use it as a navigation device.
Of course, we also have local guides that you can book. So all you have to do is concentrate on the beauty of the landscape and the guide will lead you over the most beautiful hills in the Emmental.

Do you also organize the entire e-bike excursion?

Yes and no. We can organize simple e-bike excursions - including overnight stays - for you. You will have to coordinate complicated arrangements with various intermediate stops, possibly with sightseeing and guided tours, yourself. However, we will be happy to provide you with the contact details of the relevant partners for guided tours, visits, etc. so that you can plan your tour individually.

Where can I ride my e-bike?

You can ride wherever normal bicycles are allowed: i.e. on paved roads, on cycle paths and also on nature trails (as long as there are no explicit no-cycling signs). This allows you to move forward quickly and easily away from car traffic.

Do you have to be sporty to ride an e-bike?

Choose the tour according to the sportiness of the group. There are great flatland tours for leisurely rides, but also very hilly e-bike destinations for the sporty ones. We will be happy to show you which e-bike tour is best suited to your group.

Are there any restrictions?

If you often travel by bike, riding an e-bike is also no problem. Minimum age: Young people aged 14 and over with Cat. M (moped test) or from the age of 16 without a test. We will explain the technology of the e-bike to you when you pick up your bike and instruct you carefully.

Are the e-bikes safe?

Yes, the e-bikes are equipped with disc brakes and the latest technology  All bikes are no more than 1 year old and are always well maintained. We have an in-house workshop that repairs defects immediately.

Am I insured during the e-bike tour?

No, you are liable for all accidents yourself. Liability insurance is no longer compulsory in Switzerland. Please check whether you are insured before your e-bike excursion. If not, take out appropriate insurance.

Is it compulsory to wear a helmet?

No, it is not compulsory to wear a helmet. But for your own safety, we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet. You can bring your own helmet or borrow one from us. We have a large number of helmets in sizes S, M, L and XL. Helmet hire is included in the e-bike hire price.

How many e-bikes are available?

We currently have 40 Flyer e-bikes ready to ride. Of these, 15 are Uproc 2.10 mountain bikes and 25 are normal Upstreet 5.10 e-bikes. However, with sufficient lead time, we can also organize even more e-bikes. Reserve the e-bike fleet for your team or colleagues in good time.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at
034 533 34 35 or email.