Show dairy in Affoltern

Ride your e-bike along the Planet Trail via the Lueg to the show dairy in Affoltern im Emmental.
You have various options in the show dairy. For example, you can make cheese like in the old days or make cream cheese. A guided tour is also very exciting, or you can explore the Königsweg on your own. Here you will learn a lot about Emmental cheese production.
The restaurant on site invites you to linger. The menu at the cozy Emmental restaurant features typical Swiss dishes prepared with love using regional ingredients.
You return via Heimiswil with a full stomach. On the bike tour, forget the stress and hectic pace and simply enjoy the breeze. With a bit of luck, you might even see the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in fine weather.

Cheese-making like in the old days

Under the guidance of an experienced cheesemaker, you will process 200 liters of milk over an open fire. This produces two wheels of Stöcklikäse, each weighing around eight kilos. The cheeses are cared for on site by the cellar master. After four months of maturing, the cheese is sent to you at a Swiss address or you can drive back to the beautiful Emmental valley yourself and collect it locally.

Making fresh cheese

If you would prefer to take the results of your excursion home with you straight away, you can work with a specialist to process forty liters of milk into five kilos of fresh cheese in one hour. After a further hour of pressing and draining, you can take the delicacy home with you and surprise your loved ones with it.

Guided tour

On the tour of the show dairy, you will learn exciting facts about the history of Emmentaler AOP and its production. An expert will guide you through the four generations of cheese making. You will see how cheese production has changed over the centuries. Of course, you can also taste the different types of AOP and finally find out how the holes get into the Emmentaler. Such a tour is available in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish at any time during opening hours.

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