Cave tour with flashlight and e-bike

Set off from Burgdorf by e-bike and explore the Emmental and Burgdorf's famous sandstone cave. It is accessible with or without a cave guide.
The cave was created by quarrying the sandstone for the historic buildings in the old town and for the construction of Burgdorf's town church. When entering the cave, you have to scramble a little at the beginning, but you can walk through the cave upright. Don't forget your flashlight and jacket. The temperature in the cave is around 8 degrees in both summer and winter.

The cave is accessible in normal clothing and closed, sturdy shoes.

If you would like to explore the cave with a mountain guide/cave guide (incl. helmet), please let us know. The cave guide knows a lot about the mining of the sandstone. The cave tour takes about 1 hour. We recommend that you book the Chäsbrägu or barbecue rucksackfor the tour. After the cave tour, a refreshment stop in front of the cave entrance or by the Emme is a real hit.

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