E-bike tour with farm games and barbecue

You ride towards the farm on an e-bike, where fun farm games and a barbecue await you.

The farm as a destination

An e-bike tour through the Emmental is a great way to explore the beautifully hilly landscape of the region. With modern e-bikes from the "Flyer" brand, you are supported electrically on the bike tour. The climbs are very easy to ride with the turbo button. Equipped with a cell phone holder on the handlebars and your smartphone, navigation is very easy. But what would a tour through the Emmental be without a visit to a traditional farm?

The destination of the tour is the farm restaurant in the middle of the Emmental. It is known for its amusing banter, hearty food and hospitality.

The farm games

Popular fun games on the farm include horseshoe throwing, blowpipe shooting, whack-a-ball and outdoor skittles. Entertaining team fun where skill is required. You complete 8 fun disciplines. These games are not only good fun, they also offer a great opportunity to exchange ideas, get to know each other and have fun.

The barbecue

After the games, it's time for a delicious barbecue. The farmhouse restaurant offers a selection of homemade salads, Napfbier bread, baked potatoes with herb sauce and tempting grilled pork and chicken steaks and sausages. Of course, vegetarians won't miss out either.

The e-bike tour through the Emmental valley with fun games and barbecue fun is a great combination of exercise, leisurely games and fine, regional food. Explore the beauty and charm of the Emmental valley.

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