E-bike trip to the scrapyard

On the scrapyard tour, you ride along natural paths via Kaltacker to Lueg. From there, you head straight to the scrapyard event of your choice.
This tour takes you to the scrap yard. You will be met there by the groundsman and your group can choose from the following activities:
  • Car wrecking: Give the vehicle a whole new surface texture by hammering, dismantling and scratching it. The knife can also be used to slash tires without any problems ;-).
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  • Pulling a car or truck: Pulling a car is just the thing for the groom-to-be. The still-young bachelor is equipped with a "Gstältli" and instructed. Then the groomsmen sit in or on the car. Off they go.
    The truck pull is ideal for large groups. Up to 20 people can pull the truck at the same time.
  • Drive the skill course with the forklift: In forklift driving, you have to steer the forklift through a course in such a way that you don't spill a full bucket of water. At the end of the course, the participant with the most water left in the bucket is evaluated. Great fun for young and old alike!
  • Crockery smashing: Smash the crockery with the group and make wishes come true! Those who prefer a little more power can grab a golf club and smash the crockery in this way. Experience a fun stag party with the group.

You can also stop for a bite to eat at a country inn nearby. Of course, Burgdorf itself also offers great opportunities for a toast. The castle with its far-reaching views is very popular.




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