On an animal safari with the e-bike

Grazing cows are an integral part of the typical Emmental postcard idyll. But on this animal safari you will encounter many other four-legged friends: sheep, deer and even alpacas!
The safari through the Emmental is a unique experience for anyone who loves animals. The tour starts in Burgdorf, where you will be equipped with an e-bike. As soon as you are ready to set off, you set course for the lovely Emmental hills with the help of your smartphone. The aim of this tour is to discover as many wild and domestic animals as possible along the way.

After just a short time, the view opens up onto the extensive pastures of the area, where you make the acquaintance of peacefully grazing alpacas.

The route continues through tranquil forests and along streams - you may well spot deer here. You continue through open landscapes where cows and sheep dominate the scenery. The tour ends with a special highlight: you visit the Hashüsli life farm, where pets and farm animals are allowed to heal and simply be after a difficult life story.

At the start, you will be given a sheet with various animals - you can keep a running tally of which four-legged friends you have already discovered.

After a day full of discoveries and animal encounters, the tour ends at the starting point in Burgdorf. Here you have the opportunity to reflect on the day's experiences over a leisurely dinner in one of the local restaurants.

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