E-bike trip to the beekeeper

During the e-bike tour, you will be given a guided tour by a beekeeper. The beekeeper will give you an insight into the world of honey bees and how we humans interact with this useful insect.
The industriousness of bees is proverbial, their organization exemplary and their product delicious. The honey bee has fascinated us humans for thousands of years. Immerse yourself in the world of the smallest farm animals with the beekeeper and listen to the exciting stories. Of course, you and your group can also put on a beekeeper's jacket so that you don't get stung. There is a restaurant next to the apiary for refreshments.
The bike tour takes you to the most idyllic corners of the Emmental. Even the Herzroute has included part of the route. Here, the Emmental is exactly as you imagine it to be: intact farms, pubs and beautiful places to linger.

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