Vineyard tour with aperitif

Wine in the Emmental? Yes, there is! Visit the region's only vineyard in Burgdorf and learn more about the art of winemaking.
Grapes from the Emmental
When you think of Swiss wines, it is usually the wines from Valais, western Switzerland or the Three Lakes region that spring to mind. But grapes are also pressed in the Emmental. On a guided tour of the Burgdorf vineyard, you will learn interesting facts about winegrowing and can taste the finished product on the spot.

The vineyard
Located on the outskirts of Burgdorf, the vineyard covers around 5000 square meters, half of which is planted with vines. The remaining area is used for biodiversity and serves as an ecological compensation area.

The vineyard comprises around 1550 vines: 940 for red grapes and 610 for white grapes. The cultivated grape varieties are fungus-resistant and ideally suited for organic cultivation.

The tasting
After the informative tour, you will have the opportunity to taste the wines grown in Burgdorf. Enjoy the Muscaris, the Solaris and the Divico. This will be accompanied by an aperitif platter with cheese, meat, Züpfe and bread. Mineral water is also provided. Bring the day to a pleasant close in a convivial atmosphere.

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