Rösti and bratwurst e-bike tour

It doesn't get any more Emmental than this: ride your e-bike over the picturesque hills of the Emmental to a farm, where the farmer's wife serves you rösti with bratwurst.
E-bike tour with or without a guide
This tour is ideal if you want to discover the original Emmental. Start your adventure by collecting your e-bike from our bike depot near Burgdorf station. We will explain the functions of the Flyer bikes to you and provide you with a helmet. The e-bikes are equipped with a cell phone holder. Load the specified route onto your cell phone, attach it to the holder and off you go! You glide effortlessly over the Emmental hills, enjoying the view and the beautiful landscape.

If you don't want to worry about navigation, you can also book the tour with a regional guide. This allows you to enjoy the landscape to the full without having to worry about the right route.

Eating with the farmer's wife
After a good hour or so, you will reach the farm in the Wynigenberge. At the idyllic farm, the farmer's wife will serve you a fresh green salad as a starter, followed by bratwurst (beef sausage from her own farm) and delicious rösti. For dessert there is ice cream, merengues and cream. The price also includes fresh spring water, sweet cider and coffee.

After a relaxing break, you make your way back. The route leads through small villages and over the gentle hills of the Emmental back to Burgdorf. This tour is the perfect combination of exercise, nature, culture and enjoyment.

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