With the e-bike into Illusoria Land

Ride your e-bike along side roads to Illusoria-Land, which is well worth seeing.
The bike tour takes you on a leisurely nature trail from Burgdorf. You ride past Emmental farms and small hamlets along winding roads to Hettiswil.
The Museum of Optical Illusions and Holography is easily accessible by e-bike in Hettiswil. Marvel at optical illusions, inversion statues, spatial visions and the disorientation tunnel, which is unique in Europe.
For refreshments after the museum visit, we recommend the Kreuz restaurant, which is located in the same building. 
After visiting the museum and restaurant, take the scooter to Krauchthal. It's a steep uphill here, but with a little help from your legs, you can manage it too. Finally, the way home to Burgdorf offers the finest views.

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