E-bike tour with wine tasting

You ride over the hills to Oberburg for a wine tasting on an e-bike. The tasting can be supplemented with an aperitif or raclette on site.

Wine enjoyment in a private setting

A wine connoisseur will tell you and your guests lots of interesting facts about the origin and processing of the wines. Learn about the differences between wines from the same region and taste them for yourself. The tasting and sales room is reserved exclusively for your bike group during this time.

Ideas and topics


The tasting possibilities are almost inexhaustible and can be adapted to your wishes. The following list shows some thematic examples:

  • Wallis: Exceptional wines from the House of Julius in Salgesch in the Trockental valley
  • .
  • Ticino: A journey from the slopes of Gudo to Vallombrosa.
  • Seeland: The diversity of the Three Lakes region.
  • Italy: Quality from a lesser-known wine region.
  • Spain: An experience with the grand masters of viticulture.
  • France-Languedoc: The highest level with the ingenious price-pleasure point.
  • New wine world: Malbec matured under the Argentinian sun.
  • Portugal-Alentejo: Fine wines from the winery of Dorina Lindemann and her daughters.
  • Koschere and the vegan wine world: interesting, tasty and more than just a trend.

An attractive grappa collection is also available for tasting, as well as whiskies from local producers.

Aperitif and raclette

The wine tasting is complemented by the following culinary options:

  • Simple aperitif - various savory pastries
  • Classic aperitif - cheese, meat, plait, bread and savory pastries
  • Rich aperitif - cheese, meat, plaited bread and bread, also panini and savory biscuits
  • Raclette - cheese, potatoes, gherkins, silver onions and various spices

On request, we can also serve you and your guests a 3-course menu


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