Scrapyard tour

On this e-bike excursion, you start off in comfort. At the end, you will have to prove your teamwork.
After the e-bike tour, everyone pulls together: with combined forces, you move a truck weighing more than twelve tons from A to B. The ideal event for larger groups who want to get things moving together. Car pulling is suitable for smaller groups, such as a stag party. The bridegroom/groom-to-be gets into the "Gstältli" and tries to move the car in which the friends are sitting. As a supplement, you can also book a car smashing, forklift driving or crockery smashing..

The challenge for teams and individuals

You can also split up your group and have two teams compete against each other. The time it takes each team to move the truck over a certain distance is measured. If desired, there is a small surprise for the winning team. Finally, particularly strong men and women can put on a "Gstältli" and try to pull the truck themselves with all their physical strength. With the help of their colleagues, this "miracle" can also be achieved.
Car pulling with car racing

For smaller groups, for example a group of men celebrating a stag party, car pulling is a good idea. The groom-to-be gets into the "Gstältli" and tries to move the car, in which all his friends are sitting, from the spot. It gets really funny when a car race is organized. Two teams each pull a car over a distance of 80 meters. Which Polter team will end up on the winner's podium?

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