Cheese dairy tour in the Emmental

Ride your e-bike to the traditional cheese dairy that produces the original Emmentaler AOP and then enjoy an aperitif with local specialties.
Visit the cheesemaker

Ride your e-bike over the Emmental hills to the traditional cheese dairy. Surrounded by grazing cows, you will experience the world of cheese in its original form. The milk that is processed here into original Emmentaler AOP, Mutschli and butter comes from 13 regional farms. The cheesemaker personally explains the production process to you: the milk is heated to between 30° and 32° and enriched with special bacterial cultures. These bacteria are crucial for the ripening of the cheese and for the characteristic holes in the Emmental.

Aperitif and local products
An aperitif with cheese specialties and a drink awaits you after the factory tour. Take the opportunity to ask the cheesemaker questions about his craft and the production of Emmentaler. You can also purchase local products and enjoy a delicious fondue on site if you wish.

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